fonte dc dc para mining eth zec - 6 pinos

6pin to 24pin ATX Switch PICO PSU for GPU MINING ETH ZEC

Price: $22.00 + $35.44 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Brazil Details
  • A staple for rigs running server PSU’s to power GPU’s, the Pico will power the remaining components
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE a 12V DC adapter, this PICO is designed for GPU Miners! Intended to be used with a Server PSU + breakout board
  • Powered by a 6-pin male PCI-E plug, the PICO can supply power to your motherboard, CPU and 2 peripheral devices (1 SATA and 1 Molex)
  • Above grade capacitors for higher performance and stability
  • Maximum output power of 75W due to 6pin power input 


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