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MonetaVerde Mining – Blockchain Synchronization

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Would you like to try mining cryptocurrency? You can do this even on your notebook. For learning purposes of course. MonetaVerde is officially back in development. New community forum is here.
For simplest start you can use MinerGatepool for MonetaVerde.
You can create a new account and download for example GUI miner for your operating system and start mining really in a few minutes (you will need to add exclusion into your antivirus system - more about this later in this article).
But if you would like to transfer your mined coins from your MinerGate wallet to the real wallet stored in blockchain you will need to create a blockchain node on your own machine.
You can download needed software from here (later I'll show you a better link).
Simply create folder and unpack files:
You'll get probably warning from your antivirus software:
But files are OK for sure. You need to add exclusion into your antivirus software:
Now start MonetaVerde daemon:
monetaverded --seed-node --seed-node --seed-node --seed-node
Synchronization started. Wow! Blockchain has more than 5GB and is located in C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\monetaverde directory. So now you can wait a few days or ...
I've got a better solution. Type exit to stop daemon and download here blockchain.bin file (minerc.exe, monetaverded.exe and simplewallet.exe files are there too - as I mentioned above). Delete all three files in blockchain directory:
And copy there downloaded blockchain.bin file. Start daemon again. Now we need to download only 175 blocks (not more than 1.9M as we can see above):
And in one minute: SYNCHRONIZED OK …
We've got synchronized blockchain node on our machine now. In the next article I'll show you how to create MCN wallet and start mining.
All screenshots are from W10 64 bit.


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